London: exemplary business model for cosmopolitan multilingual cities

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

More than 300 languages are spoken in London, where Arabic ranks amongst the top 5 post-Brexit.

Simultaneous Interpreting London UK

A recent report published by the British Council entitled 'Languages for the Future' highlights the importance of Arabic amongst the highest-ranking languages needed after the UK leaves the European Union. Following an extensive analysis of economic, geopolitical, cultural and educational factors – Arabic, French, German, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish will be indispensable.

420 million people around the world speak Arabic and it's one of the six official languages of the UN. Yet, only a third of Britons can hold a conversation in language besides their mother tongue

London City recognises this vital significance of mastering cultural competency and fostering international awareness to connect with businesses and governments across the globe.

Entrepreneurial Perspective

Recent research has shown that only 2% of Britons can sustain a conversation in Arabic or Chinese, while this percentage reaches 14% in French, 8% in German, and 7% in Spanish. Therefore, UK businesses totalling roughly 5.7 million SMEs have realised the commercial urgency to adopt a proactive approach to retain employees who have excellent command of written and spoken foreign languages besides English. Moreover, the majority of large enterprises have taken active measures to localise their websites and fine-tune their technology to be multilingual; and they constantly hire simultaneous interpreters to ensure seamless flow of their business communications.

In 2016, Arabian Gulf countries - featured on the list of the UK’s top ten non-English speaking export markets - contributed with £16 billion of products and services. Six further Arabic speaking countries are in the UK’s top 50 export markets where there are vast infrastructure work opportunities planned in the Middle East.

Percentage of companies rating Arabic as indispensable to their organisation
Percentage of enterprises rating Arabic as useful to their organisation

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