Conference for Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation is the art of real-time conversion of the speaker's discourse into the target language. 

This process of instantaneous internalisation and verbalisation of speech is called Simultaneous Interpretation. 

High-profile international conferences businesses meetings, The United Nations General Assembly, the European Union, European Parliament, global product launches usually require this solution.

A soundproof booth, multi-channel deck, and two interpreters are usually needed to accomplish such a task.

Simultaneous Interpretation

St. Paul's Cathedral



Global crises can develop rapidly due to political misunderstandings and broken channels of dialogue.

Language barriers compounded with cultural differences could cause irreparable damage to diplomatic ties.  


Therefore, in Ugaritt we utilise the power of linguistics in a prognostic manner to anticipate and prevent the occurrence of such conflicts.

Arabic Conference Interpretation



QA provides a steel-clad stamp of confidence businesses and governments and strengthens consumer confidence in a product and it usually carries regulators, and accreditors' endorsements.

For any product or service to fulfil its desired requirements, quality assurance and quality control processes need to be all-pervasive throughout the phases of any project   


Arabic Conference Interpretation


The process of designing products and establishing robust data adapted to fulfil the needs of a specific target group, ethnicity, market, country or continent is called Localisation.

Implementing Localisation requires careful research, planning and execution to function properly and effectively. 

A Graphic design and website localisation are amongst many other uses for Localisation.

- Lauren, Head of Production
“Sam is a consummate professional and such a lovely personality. He conducted the interviews, did simultaneous interpretation, drafted the script, and supported us in the edit suite before we went live on TV. Thank you Sam!”